Hooper is the mascot of the National Basketball Association's Detroit Pistons. He generally appears as a horse wearing a Pistons jersey. The symbolism is, that like the pistons they are named after, the team produces horsepower, hence the equine mascot. Hooper became a part of the Pistons team on November 1, 1996, replacing Sir Slam-A-Lot, and it did not take very long for him to become the most popular mascot in Pistons' franchise history.

Though Hooper was introduced during the "teal era" to coincide with the Pistons' new equestrian logo, his popularity as a mascot allowed him to remain a part of the team despite the Pistons' returning to their previous colors and basketball logo only a few years later.

Hooper also takes part in the Detroit Pistons Flight Crew, which is a tumbling, acrobatic, trampoline dunking group that performs during timeouts and halftimes for Pistons games. Hooper also travels with the Flight Crew to schools across Michigan, getting dozens of cheers from hundreds of students at school assemblies.

Fictional background

Hooper was born in Lucky, Kentucky, and was originally trained to be a racehorse. But Hooper knew he was too talented to be relegated to horse racing, so he trained long and hard to master his craft and hone his skills, until finally earning his spot as the Pistons' official mascot. Some of Hooper's stunts include rappelling off the roof of The Palace of Auburn Hills and breaking bricks with his own hoof. He can also juggle and perform magic tricks. Hooper celebrates his birthday at a Pistons home game with Roary from the Detroit Lions, Paws from the Detroit Tigers, and many of his other fellow NBA mascots.

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